The unique properties of Fiberglass make it suitable for a wide range

of product capabilities and offers many advantages such as

design freedom, versatility, durability, and affordability.

Boatec specializes in custom fiberglass fabricating for a number

of applications with almost no limitations. 

Endless Capabilities

Fiberglass Decorative Panel.jpg


We can fabricate custom fiberglass products for any decorative project. Our only limitation by the scope of the decorator's or designer's imagination. (Boatec can assist with installation.)

Architecture, Agriculture

Boatec can fabricate reinforced fiberglass components of any size for industrial projects. With high strength to weight ratio, fiberglass is a great option for harvest containers and architectural components. 



Custom fiberglass fabricating for any vehicle, whether it be boat, car, or bus, we have been in the Industry for nearly 30 years, with unsurpassed experience in high tech composite manufacturing.


With 28 Years of Fiberglass Fabricating experience, owner and operator Bruce Nagel has extensive experience and a thorough understanding in all stages of design engineering, prototyping, production and manufacturing.

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