Fabricating and innovating superior quality, American-Made Fiberglass reinforced plastic since 1989.


Company history

Owner and operator, Bruce Nagel, began performing fiberglass repair work on marine vessels in 1989. Soon after, with the emergence of off-road truck racing and it's gain in popularity, Boatec started fabricating fiberglass reinforced plastic racing bodies for many of the top championship off-road racing teams, CORR and SCORE. Since then, he has continued to innovate and expand his product range and facility operations, shipping components across the United States and abroad to Australia, Mexico and Canada. 

American made

From the very first fiberglass components fabricated, Boatec's focus has been to preserve the quality and integrity of every product that leaves our facility. In order to maintain our high-quality standards, all products are made in Wisconsin, USA

award winning products

Our products have emerged as the leader in FRP Race Truck bodywork earning the distinction of being the professional's choice. Boatec's commitment to quality and service has been the driving force behind our success as we continue to innovate.